2002 Honda Accord EX-L V6 AVAILABLE 3/1/18 – cars & trucks – by owner


NO RUST on the body, V6 engine, green exterior (a bit faded), tan LEATHER interior (only one medium-sized rip in the drivers seat, all others are perfect), SUNROOF, cruise control, climate control, fully operational Heat, cold A/C, and original premium Honda radio with Dolby Digital surround sound: 6-disc CD changer (doesn’t work, but who uses CDs anymore), tape player (DOES work, which is great if you have a tape-to-aux adapter!!), AM/FM radio (works great). JUST replaced the windshield wipers with Rain-X Latitude blades. Comes with TWO keys, and one keyless entry fob! PERFECT for a first car if you only want it for a few months.

Bought it at around 175,xxx November 2016 and it has served us exceptionally well for a cheap car, with little to no maintenance. Any repairs we have put in have been $500 or under (brakes, wheel bearing was most expensive so far). Always changed the oil with synthetic, and 90% of the time used Shell V-Power premium gas (93), only put in the cheapo stuff when we were super duper low on cash. Probably haven’t put more than $1500 into this car in the year and a half we’ve owned it, including regular maintenance like oil changes and brakes. Great car to get you from Point A to Point B AND still have a few comfort/convenience options.

***THE BAD***:
Mileage 199,xxx. Check engine light is on. Just recently replaced ALL the spark plugs and coils with high quality ones. Needs transmission work and/or an evap canister to get the light off, but we’ve been driving it with no problems other than the throttle (see below). Tranny slips a little but its really nothing to write home about. I myself had a 98 accord for my first car that only had about 130k on it, and the tranny was much, MUCH worse than this 02 Accord. (a side note: this generation of Accord is notorious for its transmission problems)
I would be willing to bet that this car will last up to 250k if not more, so long as regular maintenance and small repairs (like stuff under $1000) are kept up. Even if you just do the bare minimum, this car will still get you there.
Probably will need new tires at some point soon, but the ones on there still have some tread left.
Currently, it needs a new throttle. The one in there now is corroded and has been freezing stuck with the cold weather. just want it gone so we can buy something nicer. One other minor issue is that the Rear Passenger side door handle is broken and doesn’t open from the outside, but it does open from the inside. Rear Drivers side door is fine. Both front doors are fine. *UPDATE* getting the throttle replaced within next 3 days so he can still drive it while he looks for a new car. Price WILL NOT go up based on this.

Not my car, my partner’s. He really wants a new car but doesn’t have the motivation to make this post himself. I’m posting on here to see if there’s any interest. If he gets an offer that’s good enough he would sell it in a heartbeat.
Looking for $1500 or best reasonable offer (Pictures available upon request)
KBB VALUE IS AROUND $2600, based on all this information and the mileage, and in FAIR*** condition.
*** “Fair condition means that the vehicle has some mechanical or cosmetic defects and needs servicing but is still in reasonable running condition. This vehicle has a clean Title History, the paint, body and/or interior need work performed by a professional. The tires may need to be replaced. There may be some repairable rust damage.” (https://auto.howstuffworks.com/buying-selling/kelley-blue-book4.htm)

Other than the tranny issue, this passes inspection. For a mechanic or someone who has their own auto repair shop (and can do their own inspection stickers), or if you just “know a guy,” this is a steal.
I am not a car dealer, just trying to help out my partner.
***Please call, text, or email with any questions (if I don’t answer leave me a voicemail.)*** PLEASE don’t just ask if it’s still available, if this ad is on here then it is still available. Pictures available upon request. Thank you! 🙂

2002 Honda Accord EX-L V6 AVAILABLE 3/1/18 – cars & trucks – by owner